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International Private law

My range of services also includes advice and representation in matters of private international law. This is important, when the issue is the legal clarification of private law matters with a cross-border component and therefore there has to be clarified the question as to which state’s law is to be applied to a legal matter when the legal systems of different states conflict with each other.

In private international law, the determining factors for identifying the applicable legal system can be, for example, personal status, nationality, habitual residence, domicile, geographical circumstances or a combination of the determining factors.

In practice, frequent areas of application of private international law include the determination of the applicable legal system in matters of inheritance law, matrimonial and family law, contractual obligations with international connections and real property rights.

In international matters, the question of international private law regards not only the question of the applicable material law, but also, within the framework of the international civil procedure law, the question as to which court has jurisdiction in the event of a dispute and how foreign court decisions are recognized and enforced.